Saturday, January 21, 2012

Last Minute Shopping

Leave it to me to have to do something last minute... 

So it's my friend, Lindsay's, birthday celebration-dance-party tonight, and when she told me about this, I figured, "okay, this'll be fun, i just need to go shopping and buy her a present!" 


It's a SEMI-FORMAL party. I don't own a semi-formal-esque dress, shoes, and still don't have a present. When's the party? Tonight 

So thankfully,my friend Julie's letting me borrow her dress, if I can't find one going last minute dress-shoes-present shopping with my friend Anya today. Who just so happens to still be sleeping.  
I really hope this works out. 

If procrastination was a sport, I would be an Olympic champion. 

Also, I love the sound of salt trucks going up and down the roads.... because it means its snowy outside. WOOO 

It sounds like love.  

Well, wish me luck. 

I've always wanted to try habanero chips... 

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